Speaking Engagements With Dr. J. Alan Branch

          My first and primary call is a call to preach and I enjoy doing so.  I am always happy to preach for any church, so here are few points to consider if you want to invite me.  Feel free to email me at ABranch@mbts.edu and we can arrange a phone appointment to discuss a preaching engagement.

1.  I am happy to preach at any church of any size. 

2.  Honorarium: I do not have a specific honorarium I require.  Don’t let money keep you from inviting me! 

3.  Travel:  For churches in the Kansas City area, I will drive my own automobile. I will be reimbursed for mileage at the rate approved by the IRS. If the church is further away, I may rent a car and submit the cost of the rental car and gas to the church for reimbursement. If I fly to a preaching destination, I will make my own flight reservations and submit a receipt for reimbursement by the church. 

4.  Accommodations:  I prefer to stay in a hotel instead of a home.  Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, or something comparable is acceptable. Exceptions may be made for rural areas with no hotels nearby.

5.  Pulpit Supply: I am delighted to fill the pulpit when the pastor is away.

6.  Revivals:  My availability for revivals is limited by my class schedule at MBTS. I prefer for revivals to be on my schedule at least six months in advance.  I can come on a love offering basis if a church desires. 

7.  Marriage Retreats: Lisa and I are available for weekend marriage retreats.  Because of Lisa’s work responsibilities, these also need to be scheduled six months in advance.

8.  Worldview Weekends: As an ethics professor, one of my favorite formats is a “worldview weekend.” This typically involves a Sunday where I speak on various topics such as marriage, homosexuality, the sanctity of human life, and other ethical issues. I am happy to discuss various topics a pastor feels his church needs addressed at these weekends. I suggest a pastor choose 3 or 4 of the following topics to be addressed at the worldview weekend:

  •           Abortion
  •           Adultery – General Presentation
  •           Adultery – Proverbs 5
  •           Alcohol
  •           Artificial Reproductive Technologies (IVF; Artificial Insemination)
  •           Contraception
  •           Divorce and Remarriage
  •           Domestic Violence
  •           End-of-Life Decisions
  •           Euthanasia
  •           God and Government
  •           Homosexuality and the Bible
  •           Homosexuality and Scientific Evidence
  •           Live-In Relationships
  •           Marriage – Christian Doctrine of Marriage General Presentation
  •           Marriage – Genesis 1 & 2
  •           Marriage – Ephesians 5 and the roles of Husband and Wife
  •           Marijuana (Legalization and recreational use)   
  •           Pornography – The Dangers of Pornography
  •           Poverty and Christian Ethics
  •           Racism and Christian Ethics
  •           Seven Principles for Character in Christian Ministry
  •           Sexual Ethics – General Presentation
  •           Sexual Ethics – 1 Corinthians 6 & 7
  •           Sexual Ethics, Dating, and the Single Christian
  •           The Ten Commandments and Christian Ethics
  •           Transgenderism
  •           War and Christian Ethics

9.  The Historical Reliability of the Gospels: I have a number of presentations regarding the historical reliability of the Gospels and the Resurrection accounts. I am happy to present these in various settings.