Homosexuality and Transgender Issues


Born This Way?

What are Christians to make of relentless assertions that homosexuality is an innate characteristic? Some pastors and church members are suggesting that scientific research demands a change to the historic stance of Christian sexual ethics.

Alan Branch is the author of Born This Way? He wants Christians not to be intimidated and confused by these assertions. Branch succeeds by carefully walking the reader through the research (but not painstakingly so) to show that homosexuality is not an innate quality, and how some findings are twisted to arrive at pre-conceived notions. He concludes that, “while there are some genetic or biological factors that correlate with a higher incidence of same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior, as of yet there is no proof of genetic or biological causation for homosexuality.” This distinction is vital, and it comes as good news to those who want to be faithful to both science and the Bible.

Homosexuality and the bible

A summary of several passages related to the issue of homosexuality that are informative for Christian convictions while also addressing claims by pro-homosexual groups that the Bible has been misunderstood on the subject.


Attempts to discredit the bible's teaching on homosexuality

The last several decades have seen numerous attempts to discredit or reject the plain teaching of Scripture that homosexual acts are sin. This list introduces some of the major revisionists works that attempt to discredit the Bible's teachings on homosexuality. 


Scientific Research and Moral Argumentation regarding homosexuality

In this document, I hope to offer some answers to the questions associated with the relationship between scientific research and the moral status of homosexuality