Interim Pastorate Stipulations

Dr. J. Alan Branch


          The following list are items I require from a church asking me to serve as interim pastor.  Each of these items are important to help churches in transition move forward. Please read thoroughly before contacting me about being your Interim. 

          Purpose:  My goal as an interim pastor is to help churches call a Bible-believing pastor with a heart for evangelism. My goal is not merely to fill the pulpit, but to assist churches in identifying ways they can become more successful in fulfilling the Great Commission.

1.  Dr. Branch’s first and primary obligation is to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

2.  The worship service content, order, and structure will be the exclusive prerogative of the interim pastor.

3.  The interim pastor will be the moderator of the business meetings.

4.  The pastor search committee will stay in regular contact with the interim pastor concerning progress in the search process. The interim pastor will meet with the prospective pastoral candidate prior to his presentation for election to the church.

5.  The interim pastor will give basic supervision to staff.  The interim pastor will coordinate with the staff concerning bulletin, newsletter, and website content.

6.  The interim pastor will see that the pulpit is filled in his vacancy and will choose the pulpit supply preachers. The interim pastor will not be paid on Sundays he is absent.

7.  All committee chairs will alert the interim pastor to meetings of the respective committees. Dr. Branch cannot be present at all committee meetings, but does want to know when committees are meeting and the basic topic of discussion.

8.  Weddings:  I will officiate weddings based on two basic criteria: 1) The couple agrees with my wedding policy and 2) the date for the wedding fits with my schedule.  As part of my wedding policy, I require several weeks of pre-marital counseling.  I am not available for “destination weddings” as an interim pastor.

9.   Funerals:  I will minster at funerals, but there are limits of my availability posed by my responsibilities at MBTS.

10.  Hospital Visits:  I can make hospital visits on a limited basis only and only for the most serious of cases.